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Efficient Climate Treatment

Same high efficiency regardless of temperature or season - so you can rely on the same solution throughout the seasons.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Keep your facilities dry with efficient dehumidification that works also in low temperature. No condensing, no corrosion, no mold. Easy to install.

Improved working Environment

DRY CLIMATE is the service that guarantees you a dry district heating network chamber and a safe working place.

Why we make a difference

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Airwatergreen design, manufacture and sell products for air dehumidification in all climatic conditions. The company’s products remove moisture and odor, to secure the quality and sustainability of buildings, goods and equipment. And to create a healthier workplace environment.
Our products are designed to use a patented dehumidification method called heat condensation. Heat condensation gives a number of unique advantages such as a drastically reduced energy consumption and the capability to dehumidify cold air equally efficient as warm air.
Mats Lindhom
``Thanks to your dehumidifiers we can now start restore those chambers that previously were no point in restoring since the same problem occurred year after year``

- Mats Lindhom


Per Morin
``The most cost efficient way to cut heating``

- Per Morin

Swedish Church, Växjö episcopate

Henrik Kristensson
``Enhances the environment and economy in pump stations``

- Henrik Kristensson

Upplands-Bro municipality, Sweden


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Airwatergreen attending the largest nordic VA trade show
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