Cutting-Edge Air Control Technology

Patented condensation technology for dehumidification that works efficiently also in low temperature.
Dry and cold buildings are efficient buildings. No condensing, no corrosion, no mould.
Bad smells are more easily treated. Easy to install.

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We Create Energy Efficient Buildings

Airwatergreen has developed dehumidification technology with cutting-edge energy efficiency that works in all temperatures. This creates opportunities to reduce unnecessary heating without risking high humidity levels. Keep dry regardless of temperature.

Cold and dry buildings are energy efficient buildings. No condensing, no corrosion, no mould. Easy installation using condensation, cloud-controlled.

Regain control of all maintenance costs. We give you the tools.

Product advantages

  • Efficient climate treatment for ALL climates

    Same high efficiency regardless of temperature or season so you can rely on the same solution throughout the seasons.

  • Saves space and simplifies installation

    So easy to install that anyone can do it. Fast, lowcost and simple!

  • Integrateble with all systems

    Can be integrated with all systems on the market and remote controlled.

  • Lowering running costs

    Secures your climate so you can save on energy and maintenance - at the same time!

Some happy customers

"Tanks to your dehumidifiers we can now start restore those chambers that previously were no point in restoring since the same problem occurred year after year"

Peter Lindholm
Kraftringen (Lund, Sweden)

”The most cost efficient way to cut heating”

Per Morin
Swedish Church, Växjö episcopate

"Enhances the environment and economy in pump stations"

Henrik Kristensson
Upplands-Bro municipality, Sweden


Help us move water from where it causes damage to where it does the most good. For every litre of water we remove from a building we add one litre of clean drinking water to the refugee camp of Za’atari in Jordan.

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We are looking for fitters, retailers and building service providers

We are looking for partners all over Sweden and neighbouring countries with a wide network, interest in new superior products and a will to create better solutions for their customers. Is it you we are looking for? Call our Partner Manager Stefan at +46-727-33 58 48.