Airwatergreen partners with M&E Management in Finland as a first step toward establishing Airwatergreen on the Finnish market of efficient climate treatment in buildings.

Airwatergreen now expands sales to Finland by engaging in a close partnership with Finnish M&E Management, a Helsinki-based consulting agency specializing in technical manager services in renovation, management, surveillance and planning. M&E Management is expected to provide Airwatergreen with a closer presence in Finland.

"Finland is basically facing the same challenges as Sweden. M&E’s expertise, experience and knowledge of the Finnish market makes them a very fitting partner for Airwatergreen in Finland", says Fredrik Tunberg, Head of Sales at Airwatergreen.

Finland in facing major updates on old buildings built in the 1950's to 1970's, not least humidity-related issues.

"This is a strategically sound and important partnership for us. We have for a long time been searching for new tools to help us handle humidity-related issues in lower temperatures. With Airwatergreen's technology, we can now access a whole new toolbox for improving and increasing efficiency for our customers in a wide range of building types", says Erik Åberg, CEO at M&E Management.

Airwatergreen has developed new technology called Heat Condensation that produces liquid water and dry air from humid air with the use of heat instead of cold, keeping function and energy efficiency consistent in all temperatures. The technology was recently patented in the US, China and Russia and has been called the next generation in humidity treatment.

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