Airwatergreen has signed a general agreement concerning dehumidification equipment with Värmek, the procurement association for 147 energy and water companies in Sweden. This is the first time Värmek has signed a general procurement agreement specifically concerning dehumidifiers. All member companies of Värmek can now use the agreement to access efficient humidity treatment from Airwatergreen without having to go through the time and resource consuming procurement process of their own.

The agreement between Airwatergreen and Värmek creates opportunities for energy and water companies to more efficiently handle maintenance issues. For example, district heating networks are traditionally heavily exposed to high humidity levels that cause corrosion and concrete destruction. The water industry has significant challenges ahead concerning how to efficiently treat humitdity in low temperatures.

"One of Värmeks most important tasks is to introduce new and innovative technology through its testing and screening body of FVU. Technology that is tested and then procured shall contribute to efficiency gains in a sustainable fashion throughout the organizations. With this new agreement, members are given the opportunity to find new solutions to an old problem", says Peter Dahl, CEO at Värmek.

When a company within the Swedish public sector is to acquire products or services, a public procurement process is often needed. This is both time and resource consuming, and could be a reason for deciding not to acquire newly developed products with higher energy efficiency or environmental friendliness. Värmek's role is to mitigate this obstacle by, with help from its subsidiary FVU, seek out, test and reach procurement agreements for products that are requested by their members.

The written agreement between Airwatergreen and Värmek enables Värmek's members to acquire new and energy efficient dehumidification products from Airwatergreen without having to reach a procurement agreement of their own.

"This is an important step toward enabling an increased efficiency in operations and maintenance among energy and water companies in Sweden. This makes it easier for all actors to access new and efficient technology. Everybody wins", says Jonas Wamstad, CEO at Airwatergreen.

Airwatergreen has developed the increasingly popular new technology Heat Condensation that produces liquid water and dry air from humid air with the use of heat instead of cold, keeping function and energy efficiency consistent in all temperatures. The technology was recently patented in the US, China and Russia and has been called the next generation in humidity treatment. The technology has since been developed further and will be implemented in the cooling field.

About Värmek

Värmek is a procurement association, or cooperative, for 147 energy companies in Sweden. Värmek procures according to the Swedish procurement act and thus makes it easier for the members to access technical solutions for their operations. As Värmek represents many companies Värmek can reach agreements that individual members would not be able to reach. It is also more efficient for the suppliers to talk to one counterpart instead of 142. It is a win-win situation for all.