Dry and odour-free pump station
regardless of outdoor temperature

Efficient dehumidification simplifies the treatment of bad smell and odour.
Odour-free Climate is specifically adapted to create an efficient pump station and a safe workingplace.

Odour-free Climate

For a fixed monthly fee you get a dry and odour-free pump station. If you are not happy you may return it with no attachments. It could not be easier.

Airwatergreen secures the climate in the station at the right level and prevents corrosion and condensing from occurring. No heating is necessary except the frost guard. The result is a healthier station and a network that costs less.

We install one FLEX and one BLACKBOX on the wall. They will keep the station dry and the presence of corrosive and bad-smelling molecules away. You do not have to own anything or worry about service.

Combine dehumidification and odour treatment

Odour treatment with carbon filter works better when the air is dry. If not, the humidity will clog the pores supposed to be catching the corrosive airborne molecules.

ODOUR-FREE CLIMATE is a solution in which FLEX and BLACKBOX work together. The solution is specifically adapted to efficiently create a dry and odour-free pump station.

No corrosion, no condensing, no mould. A safe, healthy workplace where the staff is not in risk of being sick. Easy to install.

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