Energy-Efficient Solutions

New-thinking condensation technology that dehumidifies energy-efficiently also in low temperature.
No condensing, no corrosion, no mould. Easy to install.

District heating:
Dry Climate

DRY CLIMATE is the service that guarantees you a dry district heating network chamber and a safe working place.

For a fixed monthly fee you regain control of the network maintenance costs. Insurance against humidity-related damage in the chambers that will tell you exactly what the network is going to cost you this year.

No more acute leaks because of corrosion. No more cracked concrete walls that cause flooding. A long-term solution for your network that removes the need for incessant restorations.

Water and wastewater:
Odour-free climate

ODOUR-FREE CLIMATE is a service that combines Airwatergreen’s dehumidification technology with odour removal. Keep the stations dry and odour-free regardless of outdoor temperature.

Efficient dehumidification simplifies the handling of bad smell. Airwatergreen secures that the station’s climate is kept at the right level, preventing corrosion and condensing. No heating is needed except the frost guard for the pipes.

The result is a healthy station and a network that costs less. Also, no more complaints from neighbours because of bad smell.

Water and wastewater

Keep your facilities dry with effeicient dehumidification that works also in low temperature. No condensing, no corrosion, no mould. Easy to install.

Condensing dehumidifers that make the installation quick and uncomplicated. Unbeatable energy efficiency in low temperature. Full integration with any steering systems you might have.

Churches and heritage

We protect churches and old buildings from costly restorations caused by uncontrolled humidity.

Lower temperature without rising humidity levels. Condensing dehumidifiers that adsorbs humidity, turning it into water that is removed it through a hose. Easy installation. No damage made to the walls. No mould.

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