Products for an efficient air treatment

Energy efficient dehumidification with condensation that works also in low temperature.
No condensing, no corrosion, no mould. Easy to install.

Product advantages

  • Efficient climate treatment for ALL climates

    Same high efficiency regardless of temperature or season so you can rely on the same solution throughout the seasons.

  • Saves space and simplifies installation

    So easy to install that anyone can do it. Fast, lowcost and simple!

  • Integrateble with all systems

    Can be integrated with all systems on the market and remote controlled.

  • Lowering running costs

    Secures your climate so you can save on energy and maintenance - at the same time!


FLEX is a mobile condensing dehumidifier that works equally well in ALL temperatures. Removes humidity as liquid water quickly and efficiently.

Superior energy efficiency in cooler temperatures, enabling lowering of temperature without causing higher humidity. Easy installation, handling and maintenance has made FLEX a new favourite.

Optional steering via air humidity, dew point or mould index. Cloud-connect via Wifi for remote controlling from your smartphone. Integrateable with any system you might have today.

produkt: REX

Powerful and energy efficient dehumidification even in low temperature. The industrial-size choice is energy efficiency is important.

Dehumidify large quantities of air energy efficiently without need of ventilation. Can be connected to available vent channels or do it standalone.

Optional steering via dew point, mould index or humidity level. Integrateble with other all control systems via Wifi or cable.

produkt: BLACKBOX

Efficient air filtering that removes bad-smelling and corrosive molecules.

Specifically adapted for the Waterand Wastewater industry. Developed to combine with efficient dehumidifcation from Airwatergreen. Mount on the wall and connect to the station's exhaust fan.

Create a safer workplace and reduce corrosion on the equipment. The neighbourhood will thank you.

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