Powerful energy efficient
dehumidification with condensation

Powerful condensing dehumidification

Dehumidifies your building efficiently with condensation. The humidity is easily removed through a hose into the nearest sewage. There is no easier installation.

  • Condenses – no ventilation or wall-works needed
  • Runs efficiently in both high and low temperature
  • Integrateble – smooth installation with all systems on the market
  • Intelligent steering – regulates on dewpoint, moulöd index or humidity level
  • Easy to install and to move – connect to three-phase


  • Removes up to 35 kg water/day at full speed
  • Can dehumidify 1000 m3 air per hour

Good to know

  • Works in all warm and cold facilities down to 0*C
  • Works well with or without existing vent channels
  • Does not cause under-pressure – capacity when compared to for sorp-dehumidifiers is 125%
  • Service once a year when granula is switched. Airfilter switch can be necessary more often depending on the facility.

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