Airwatergreen delivers what you need for dehumidification and air treatment for the right indoor climate.

Our customers are, for example, in industries such as food, logistics and storage, water and sewage, and culturally significant buildings.

Patented technology for air treatment results in the lowest possible energy consumption.

Increasing demands are being placed on sustainable infrastructure. Airwatergreen has developed a new technology for managing air quality. Dehumidifiers to control air humidity and products to maintain the right indoor climate. This way, we can control both humidity and temperature. Our products are based on our patented and proven technology, which gives our products unique advantages.

We have a complete product portfolio

How big is the need? Assessments can be made of how much moisture needs to be removed from the air, or added, to maintain a desired humidity level. The required capacity can vary greatly between different premises. We have small portable units and very large machines, all built for an industrial environment. Accessories are available, such as wall mounts to external sensors.

Easy to install

Our products are very easy to install. For example, there is no need for the installation of evacuation pipes. The right air quality in terms of humidity level is produced at the machine. The only thing that needs to be led away is reduced water during dehumidification. This also means that you can test our products without having to rebuild!

Own support, remote monitoring, and service

  • All our machines can be remotely monitored via our cloud-based solution, which makes the installation reliable.
  • Costs for service and support can be minimized, thanks to remote monitoring.
  • All machines can be integrated with existing operational monitoring systems.
  • Simple maintenance. We use standard components and avoid hazardous substances.”

Opportunity to try out our dehumidifiers

To more easily find an optimal solution for your needs, we can provisionally install one of our products in your premises and evaluate.

Lowest Energy Consumption

Our patented technology uses considerably less energy than traditional solutions. This has been demonstrated through measurements in all our installations! A lifecycle calculation that often pays off in 1–3 years.

Less Wear – Longer Lifespan

By maintaining the right humidity level and temperature in the air in your premises, you can avoid corrosion and mold formation. It also creates a healthy environment to be in.

Minimum Environmental Impact

Airwatergreen addresses 6 of the environmental goals identified by the UN. This applies to both our products and our way of working. We avoid environmentally harmful substances, and our products are built to remain operational for many years.

Airwatergreen helps everyone from churches to the food industry

The company was started by two young engineers in Uppsala around an idea of manufacturing water from air, for people in areas where there is a shortage of drinking water. With this technology, one could obtain clean drinking water directly from the atmosphere. The business idea of producing water has been taken over and is now driven by the company Drupps.

The technology proved to be very cost-effective, and along the way, the focus shifted to another significant need: controlling humidity in buildings and other infrastructure.

Today, Airwatergreen is an established innovation company, a breath of fresh air in a traditional market. In 8 countries, we solve our customers’ challenges more efficiently, with the help of our patented technology.

Our vision is to become a leader in dehumidification and air treatment.

Industries we are working with

Air treatment in the food industry

Food industry

Maintaining the right climate during the production and handling of food is important both from a quality and work environment perspective. Being able to do this with good control and uniquely low electricity consumption is a major advantage! We can help you with that.

Energy-efficient at low temperatures

Logistics and Cold Storage

Airwatergreen’s dehumidification technology is also suitable for storage facilities that maintain a low temperature, as the dehumidifiers are just as energy-efficient down to sub-zero temperatures. Since our dehumidifiers are mobile and easy to install, they can be easily relocated when changes in moisture load occur.

Avoid mold formation and bacterial growth

Buildings of cultural history

With smart dehumidification, moisture problems such as mold formation and bacterial growth are avoided. Being able to reduce the heating of buildings that are not in use, to a suitable level, makes it possible to drastically reduce operating costs and carbon footprints!

Dehumidification, stable climate all year-round


Moisture affects the entire property. Everything from building elements to materials and equipment stored there can suffer from corrosion or mold formation. The people who are in the premises can also be harmed by an incorrect humidity level. We can provide a stable climate year-round, with our CVP technology in the product.

Energy-efficient dehumidification in all climates

Water and Sewage

The infrastructure for managing drinking water and sewage are critical societal functions, with buildings located both above and below ground. Pipes, buildings, instruments, and other equipment are exposed to corrosion and bacterial growth. In many parts, it is a tough environment. We can help reduce operating costs, damage, and unnecessary heating.

Smart investment with a long expected lifecycle

Power industry & Distribution

Critical societal infrastructure and equipment require reliability. High humidity levels risk leading to corrosion and mold formation. Airwatergreen can contribute to the lowest possible energy consumption and the lowest possible lifecycle cost.

A Good Climate Creates a Sustainable Work Environment

The right indoor air quality reduces the risk of bacteria spreading and creates a more pleasant workplace. No condensation on cold surfaces! Intelligent and connected machines provide a good climate at your workplace.

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