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A Swedish Air Treatment Company


The company was founded in 2009 in Sweden by two young engineers that had invented a new method for creating liquid water from humidity using an energy efficient method.
The original idea was to develop tools for producing drinking water for people in water-stressed countries.


We design, manufacture and sell products for air dehumidification in all climatic conditions down to sub zero temperatures. The company's products effectively remove moisture and odor, to secure the quality and sustainability of buildings, goods and equipment. And to create a healthier workplace environment.


Our products are designed using the latest heat condensing technology. The company holds a range of patents internationally and invests significantly in technology development. The company was selected as one of Sweden's top-33 upcoming tech companies 2016 by leading Swedish magazines NyTeknik and Affärsvärlden.


An idea about how to simplify production of air water became the world’s most energy efficient technology for air dehumidification. That became climate control technology for a market thirsty for new solutions.
The company vision is to become a world leader in Air Treatment.