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Data is information that we have and collects about you and how you use our products and services – to provide you with the right delivery, good and relevant products and offers.

We collect data about you – customer data
Customer data is data that is linked to the products we deliver to you – eg. name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, social security number. It may also be information about what services you have and how to use them, orders, user ID, passwords, and other information you provided in your contacts with us.

How we collect data
We collect and process data such as:

  • You leave yourself when you as a customer become a customer with us and when you or any colleague communicates with us – eg. When you buy or rent our products, contact us for information or subscribe to news about us.
  • We collect from other sources – e.g. publicly available personal registers such as SPAR, records used for credit assessment as UC, as well as from other operators and partners.
  • Collected from our web pages using cookies that collect information on and from your browser.

The type of  information we collect about you depends on the data collected.

What we use data to
To process data, there must be support in current data protection regulation, a so-called legal basis. This means that in order for our processing of your data to be legally required, it is necessary (1) to complete the agreement with you or (2) to fulfill an Airwatergreen legal obligation. The processing of your data may also be done (3) after a balance of interest or (4) since you have given your consent to that particular treatment.

In order to provide services and products, we need to process and manage your data.

Below are examples of the purposes for which we treat your data and on the basis of which legal basis we do this.

Delivery of products or services
We treat data to identify you as a customer or user, to handle and deliver orders in accordance with your agreement and to provide our products and services – such as to ensure the operation of the product. We also process data to charge for the products and services you use to manage your invoices and payments, for credit disclosure purposes, to correct errors and handle other incidents, and to handle complaints and complaints.

Legal basis: performance of agreements

Other communication about products or services
We also process data in connection with other communications with you, such as when we send information about and are in contact with you regarding questions about our products or services.

Legal basis: legitimate interest (customer data).

Direct marketing
We treat different types of data in order to market our products and services directly to you. You can get it via eg letter, phone, text message and e-mail. For this purpose, we may also compile statistics for analysis needs.

Legal basis: legitimate interest (customer data) and consent.

Information security and to prevent abuse of products or services
We process data to meet the security of all our products and services, to detect or prevent various types of illegal use or use that otherwise violate the terms of the product or service.

Legal basis: performance of agreements (customer data).

Compliance with laws
We process data in order to fulfill our statutory obligations.

Legal basis: legal obligation

How long we save data
We never save data longer than we need. Some data is discarded directly, others are stored for a long time depending on the data to be used and our statutory obligations.

Customer data is saved as long as you are a customer at Airwatergreen and thereafter no longer than 24 months after termination of the contract. Exceptions apply to such substrates that must be stored by law, eg. Accounting Act.

In order to offer you attractive market deals based on your needs, we save some data. We save the information for 36 months.

To whom do we provide data
We will not disclose this information to anyone outside Airwatergreen Group AB.

In different areas, we employ suppliers and, in some cases, our own companies within the Group, in order to deliver our services. This means that they also need some information about you as a customer. However, these parties may not use data about you for any purpose other than the provision of the service or under the terms that we specify.

We are required, upon request by law and authority decision, to disclose the data resulting from the decision – eg. to the police.

How we protect your data
Our security work includes protection of persons, information, IT infrastructure, as well as office buildings and technical facilities.

Particular attention is paid to information security regarding your data to prevent and detect any unintended distribution of this data.