About our technology

Airwatergreen is an innovation company that presents new technologies to a market that asks for smarter products with lower energy consumption.

Our products provide a better and healthier indoor climate that protects investments in infrastructure and ensures quality in sensitive production processes.

CVP: Controlled Vapor Pressure

Airwatergreen dehumidification solution using a liquid desiccant uses the principle of absorption of water vapor from the air.

The systems use a food-grade, liquid-absorbing substance called BAS. The solution is non-toxic, does not evaporate, is free of corrosive chlorides and is not degraded by common airborne pollutants.

The temperature and concentration of the solution – that is, the vapor pressure – determines the ability of the BAS to add or remove water vapor from the air.

The concentration of BAS can be adjusted so that the equipment delivers air at the desired relative humidity between 30% and 90%.

The picture shows the basic elements of the liquid desiccant system. The airflow can be heated/cooled and humidified/dehumidified by exposure to BAS.

Hot condensation - a technology that uses a desiccant in granular form

The concept of supersaturation is used to create condensation in a closed environment – where steam has collected.

  1. The humidity is first collected in an adsorbent (silica gel).
  2. At saturation, the adsorbent is dried by heating the box containing the adsorbent.
  3. This generates steam that condenses on the inside of the box with the adsorbent.

A one-stage HVAC solution that processes the air stream in one process step

NEXT-S is a one-step solution for cooling/heating or dehumidification/humidification.

The technology makes it possible to change the air as seen in a Mollier diagram to a selected set point for both temperature and humidity.

The method is used for humidification and heating in winter – and with exactly the same installation module for dehumidification and cooling on hot summer days.

(Green arrow: NEXT-S; Blue arrows: traditional solutions)

Operational area for EnStegs HVAC

Both temperature and humidity change in one step from the blue outer area to the green inner area.

OneStep HVAC - The evolution from traditional sorption to modern CVP

Communication options

  • All products are prepared for wireless or wired connection.
  • Airwatergreen Cloud – connection via Wifi
  • Airwatergreen Integrate – integration with external SCADA system via Modbus
Airwatergreen cloud
Remote desktop on NEXT

Monitoring options

  • Modbus via fixed connection:

    • Netbiter via mobile modem
    • Netbiter by fixed line
    • Netbiter via internet connection

    Monitoring options

    • The control system is in control and regularly asks the dehumidifier via Netbiter for a status update.
    • Data is stored in Netbiter and transmitted to the control system at certain intervals.