Airwatergreen dehumidification technology is equally effective even at low temperatures.

A correct moisture level also makes the cooling process more efficient by reducing the load on the chillers by avoiding defrosting.

Dehumidification in cold storage and warehousings

The temperature in a cold store is typically between +2°C and +12°C for efficient and correct storage of different types of goods – often food.

With a correct relative humidity level, you can avoid ice formation, condensation and mold formation and other moisture-related problems that can lead to accidents and damage.

Airwatergreen dehumidification technology is well suited to low temperature warehouse installations as the dehumidifiers are equally energy efficient even at low temperatures – down to minus degrees. This makes it possible to achieve half the energy consumption of traditional technology even at low temperatures. Airwatergreen products are very easy to install without the need for unnecessary routing of ventilation pipes.

Since the dehumidifiers are mobile, they can also be easily relocated in case of major changes in the moisture load.

Dehumidifying the air in cold, chilled and frozen storage facilities improves the working environment and avoids damage from moisture. It also reduces the load on the cooling units by reducing ice formation.

REX for dehumidification in cold storageCooling dry air is also easier.

  • Measures in the cold store: lowering the humidity level in these areas secures the cold chain, reduces the risk of slipping accidents due to condensation on cold surfaces and moisture damage to packaging. It also reduces the load on the cooling units! The dehumidifiers can either be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall, depending on what is most appropriate. All our dehumidifiers can handle lower temperatures down to near 0ºC. With the same low electricity consumption!
  • Entry and exit: Dehumidification in transshipment rooms and at entry and exit gates. Here it is important to keep down the amount of moisture in the air that would otherwise enter the warehouse with the consequent risk of ice formation at doors and on floors.

Depending on the air volumes and the amount of moisture to be reduced, different products may be relevant. FLEX handles smaller spaces with lower moisture load, REX larger premises and NEXT really large amounts of air and moisture.

All our dehumidifiers are energy efficient even at low temperatures compared to traditional dehumidifiers. They have high capacity over their entire temperature range and are very easy to install!

All dehumidifier models can be connected for external monitoring and control.