Energy efficient dehumidification for the preservation of cultural values

The oldest historic buildings of cultural history in Sweden will soon be a thousand years old. Preserving these buildings in a proper antiquarian and energy-efficient manner has long been considered important.

Dehumidification in buildings of cultural history

Airwatergreen has extensive experience in protecting cultural buildings from moisture damage. We currently have installations in around 200 churches and other cultural buildings.

Since the heating and additional insulation of these buildings, the indoor climate has changed drastically. This has also changed the conditions for climate-smart conservation of these buildings and values.

We have worked in dialogue with leading researchers and other supporting bodies in various installations. Smart dehumidification avoids moisture problems such as mold and bacterial growth.

Being able to reduce the heating of unused buildings to an appropriate level makes it possible to drastically reduce operating costs and climate footprints!

While preserving our cultural and historical heritage for future generations!

  • Churches
  • Castle
  • Parish hall
  • Attics in these buildings
  • Crawl spaces in these buildings
  • Archive
  • Textile storage
Nordbygg 2024, Stockholm
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