Airwatergreen dehumidification technology is very suitable as it is equally energy efficient even at low temperatures – down to -20°C. This makes it possible to keep a low temperature with a halved energy consumption compared to traditional technology.

Airwatergreen products are very easy to install without the need to run ventilation pipes.

Because the dehumidifiers are mobile, they can also be easily relocated in the event of major changes in the humidity load.

With the right climate, you avoid problems.

The temperature in a cold storage is typically held between + 2°C and + 12°C for efficient and correct storage of different types of goods – often food. Food needs to be stored at the right temperature and also at the right moisture level for correct and trouble-free handling and shelf life. In freezer storage the temperature may be held at down to -25°C.

With the right climate, you avoid problems with condensation and mold formation or other moisture-related problems. A correct moisture level also makes the cooling process more efficient!

Ice formation on the cooling units increase the energy consumption and generates unnecessary wear on the machine.

Dehumidifier are more energy efficient when it comes to drying air as compared to cooling units and it is easier to lower the temperature of dry air than humid air.

  • The cold room: Dehumidification of the storage room’s various spaces. The dehumidifiers can either be placed on the floor or attached to the wall depending on what is most suitable.
  • Entry and exit: Dehumidification at ports for entry-passage to reduce the amount of moisture that otherwise accompanies entry and exit from the warehouse.

All our dehumidifier models can be connected for control via WiFi or Modbus.

Connected dehumidifiers can both be controlled and also enable the collection of information from the dehumidifiers’ sensors for humidity and temperature.