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District Heating

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District Heating Network Chambers

High humidity causes damage on district heating networks worth millions every year.

For a fixed monthly fee you can secure these chambers from future maintenance and restoration costs.


Dry Climate is the service that is revolutionizing the District Heating industry. For a fixed monthly fee you can now rid yourselves of costly renovations caused by humidity-related damages on the network chambers.

A district heating chamber costs on average 16-32 thousand EURO to restore, excluding any new equipment. An acute leakage on the network on Christmas morning costs even more. Dry Climate is a smart and cost-efficient insurance for not having to deal with those costs.

We install a FLEX on the wall keeping the chamber dry and healthy. You don’t have to own anything and you don’t need to worry about maintenance.

If you want to monitor the status the FLEX can be connected via Modbus. You can then also bringing the data available from the FLEX sensors such as temperature and humidity.


Humid district heating chambers is a perfect green-house for bacterial growth. People working in that environment are in a risk of attracting infections and fall seriously ill.

Dry chambers is an important working environment issue for the personnel running the district heating network. Dry Climate is a simple and efficient way of protecting them while they are at work.




In a standard sized chamber it is typically sufficient with one FLEX unit.

We can advice on the selection and do a humidity investigation prior to installation.