BLACKBOX carbon filter

Ventilation with an activated carbon filter removes bad smells.

Activated carbon filters the air

Does the pumping station smell bad? Then you probably have a problem with hydrogen sulphide. BLACKBOX is an activated carbon filter that effectively removes bad odors by removing hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans and ammonia.

The activated carbon used in BLACKBOX is designed to remove complex odor challenges that can arise, for example, in the ventilation of sewage pumping stations. In the pumping station, the air with hydrogen sulphide from the upper part of the odor source (sump) is sucked up through the BLACKBOX where the odor is filtered out. The air is then led out of the building.

BLACKBOX installation is simple and easy!

  • BLACKBOX is mounted on a suitable wall
  • Pipes are laid to take the air to the carbon filter and then out of the building.
  • A duct fan sucks the air through the Blackbox filter.
We recommend first ensuring that the humidity level in the air before the carbon filter is reduced to below 70% RH, as this extends the carbon’s ability to absorb hydrogen sulphide. If the humidity level is not reduced, the active carbon risks becoming saturated with water instead. This leads to a need to replace the carbon more frequently.

One way is to first dehumidify the air in the superstructure with an energy-efficient FLEX. If you draw the air from the sump to the carbon filter, the negative pressure created in the sump will draw dry air from the superstructure, resulting in a lower relative humidity level.

Experience from a large number of installations with our Odorless Climate solution where we use our FLEX dehumidifier together with Blackbox provides:

  • Removing the bad smell
  • Energy consumption can be reduced
  • There is an improved working environment
  • Carbon lasts longer with drier air
  • Reduced maintenance costs by reducing corrosion

Activated carbon filter with Blackbox – an effective solution for pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants to remove bad odors!

  • Dimensions: 500x410x940 mm
  • Weight (empty): 20 kg
  • Weight (with coal): 70 kg
  • Connection (in and out): Ø 125 mm
  • Airflow: up to 150 m3/h

The active carbon is easily replaced when it no longer can absorb hydrogen sulphide. Regular replacement is included as part of signing a service contract. Airwatergreen Blackbox Filter Kit Active Carbon contains the amount needed for one Blackbox.
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