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Airwatergreen attending the largest nordic VA trade show

At the largest nordic VA trade show, Airwatergreen present how to deal with humidity in an energy efficient manner. Our customers benefit from an improved working environment and reduced operating costs using our products. Our technology – heat condensation – offers energy-efficient dehumidification throughout the temperature range, with the easiest possible installation. Visit our stand B03:100 and we’ll show you how it works!

WORLD PREMIERE. At the VA fair, we launch a new feature called Temp guard. Temp Guard is available in our smaller FLEX dehumidifier at the request of our VA customers. With Temp guard activated, smaller VA buildings are kept frost free during the winter months, without the need for external heating. From now on, our customers do not need to buy electrical heaters or maintain old radiators!

CLIMATE. With our products installed, corrosion and molding stops, and condensation deposition on cold surfaces is just a memory! In addition to lower maintenance costs and safer operation, we ensure that operating personnel get a nicer and safer working environment!

ODOR MANAGEMENT. Our unique solution Odorless climate removes hydrogen sulphides and other odor particles from sewerage buildings. Humidity in the air usually blocks the pores in activate carbon filters filling them with water particles reducing the filter capacity and the lime cycle of the filter and the service demand is reduced radically.

“We are very proud of the improvements and benefits our products make for our many customers, also contributing to a reduced energy consumption! The products have an average payback period of three years, which is unique for investments in the VA industry, “says Bo Tiderman CEO of Airwatergreen AB

PRICE-LICENSE INNOVATION. Airwatergreen develops and markets dehumidifying products based on advanced dehumidification technology that provides a range of unique benefits. The technology is called heat condensation and one of the advantages is being able to condensate airborne moisture efficiently at all temperatures, even down to minus degrees. The units are smart and have all the features one can wish for by a dehumidifier. Another advantage is that no extensive piping is required – which drastically simplifies installation!

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