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Water industry

Associated Products

FLEX and/or REX

Depending on the type of installation and the level of dehumidification needed the FLEX or the REX is relevant. Keeping all energy inside the buidling and filtering the air at the same time.


Efficient dehumidification that works in sub zerotemperature.

No condensing, no corrosion, no mold. Easy to install.


Keep the facility dry with dehumidification that works also in low temperatures. Underground constructions, chambers, open waterbed buildings, pumpstations or other buildings that are exposed to humidity.

Depending on the challenge the intelligent dehumidifier can be configured to steer via dewpoint, mold index or humidity level.

No condensation, no corrosion, no mold. Easy to install.

Dehumidification using heat condensation methodology that reduces unwanted ventilation leaks into the facility. Less humidity load, easier to keep dry. Better energy-efficiency and more cost-efficient maintenance.


Smarter dehumidifiers using heat condensation technology that saves both space and energy. Easy to install, move around, add or take away. All necessary accessories available. The unit can be programmed to work independently or integrated with any steering and control systems via Wifi or Modbus connection.




Depending on the size of the building one or more FLEX dehumidifiers can be used. Or a REX for larger buildings. In a standard pumpstation it is typically sufficient with one FLEX unit.

We can advice on the selection and do a humidity investigation prior to installation.